Cajun Country Jasmine Rice

One of several varieties of rice developed by the LSU AgCenter and grown in Louisiana, our Cajun Country Jasmine rice has all of the exotic characteristics that cooks desire in this aromatic, long grain rice.

The development of this uniquely flavorful rice variety by the LSU AgCenter has brought a distinctively nutty, aromatic long grain rice to the market after research showed an increasing demand in the U.S. for Jasmine rice.

Jasmine rice, typically grown in Thailand, has been used for centuries in Southeast Asian cuisine.  With emerging Asian culinary trends, jasmine rice imports have steadily increased in the U.S. market over the past twenty years.

This particular grain of rice is long and slender and develops a more delicate, soft, and moist kernel as it cooks.  One cup of Jasmine rice will yield two cups of cooked rice, whereas one cup of white rice will yield three cups cooked.

In 2009, our Jasmine variety was commercially produced by Falcon Rice Mill and available to consumers from South Louisiana to Texas under our Cajun Country Jasmine brand.