Falcon Rice Mill Brands

Other Falcon Products

In addition to Cajun Country Rice these fine products are also offered through the Falcon Rice Mill to our customers.

Our other rice products include:

Toro – A special variety of long grain rice grown exclusively in South Louisiana, this brand of rice is a cult favorite with a passionate following. Those who choose to cook with Toro won’t accept anything else. This grain of rice is long in shape but it has the tenderness and softness of a medium grain of rice. A hidden Cajun secret, cook your next dish with Toro today and find out what all the fuss is about!

Falcon – This line of long grain rice is a long established member of the Falcon Rice Mill brand. This product is especially suited for Latin dishes, but can just as easily be used for any rice dish. The name of this brand pays homage the Falcon family’s Spanish heritage.

Home Country – Our unique blend of long and medium grain rice, its quality and consistency has made it a kitchen staple for the budget conscious.

Laredo – Similar to our Home Country and Jackpot brands, Laredo is a medium and long grain blend that combines quality and tenderness to any of your favorite rice dishes.

Jackpot – Similar to our Home Country and Laredo brands, Jackpot has been a member of the Falcon rice family for years, earning the admiration of the most particular cooks.