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Who's the Top Chef in Your Life?

Cajun Country Rice is giving LSU baseball fans the chance to honor their favorite chef – and crown them as the All-Star MmmVP! Everyone’s got that one person – whether it’s their grandmother, mom, dad, spouse, or child – who shows a certain flair for flavors. Now’s your opportunity to put the spotlight on your favorite culinary connoisseur!

Each month, a winner will be chosen and announced during an LSU baseball game. Winners will receive the title of All-Star MmmVP along with a prize package from Cajun Country Rice.

  1. Use the form on this page to submit the name of your favorite amateur chef, along with a brief description of why you think they should be honored as an MmmVP.
  2. That’s it! Submit your form and you’re done. If your All-Star is chosen, you’ll hear from us – and they’ll will win a prize pack from Cajun Country Rice!

Deadline to enter is May 17, 2023.

Contest Terms & Conditions

All-Star MmmVP Prize

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