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A House Divided – Stuffed Peppers

Course Main CourseCuisine American Ingredients2 cups cooked 100% Louisiana Cajun Country Medium Grain Rice, prepared with extra water for added stickiness4 bell peppers, 2 red (for ULL)…

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Mexican Rice

This crowd-pleasing side dish is always good to have on standby. Pair it with any classic Mexican entree – or add it to your favorite burrito. It’s sure to bring flavor to your plate! Course Side DishCuisine…

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Tiger Rice Pilaf

No proper LSU tailgate would be complete without this Tiger Rice Pilaf! It's purple and gold and definitely a winner! Course Side DishCuisine Cajun Prep Time…

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Golden Nuggets

Our Golden Nuggets are perfect for game day! Whether the game is going their way or not, all of your guests will have a great time gobbling up these rice and sausage balls fried to a golden crisp. They will love the warm mozzarella oozing out of the…

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Round Steak

This is a one-dish wonder! Steak, rice and gravy that's all cooked together in one casserole dish. So simple to make, delicious to eat, and a dream to clean up for afterwards. Course Main Course Prep Time…

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Cajun Country Rice Bowl

This is a wonderful meal for the summer because it tastes light yet it is full of wonderful flavors to satisfy any palate. The raspberry syrup adds a surprising taste and is a great compliment to the other flavors. Course Main Course…

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